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Sask. woman back from ag summit in Brazil with new ideas for local food security
"Rumpel said the atmosphere and comradery of agriculture has always drawn her to the sector and she found that same atmosphere at the conference in Brazil. "

Read the CBC News Article found below!

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Sask. Agriculture Scientist heading to Youth Ag Summit in Brazil
"Sisters who grew up farming near Craven are showcasing what Saskatchewan agriculture has to offer at two global events"

Watch this Global News video here

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Karly Rumpel lost art of canning
"You are ultimately putting people more in touch with where their food comes from... the fact that they are taking that food and canning it is going to be a step, and they are going to want to know more... You doing these canning classes trying to save food waste, are actually helping agriculture"

Listen to Rob Sharkey and Lesley Kelly chat with UCan YQR founder on the What the Farm Podcast

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Youth see their ideas blossom at biennial Summit
"Education comes from each other," says Rumpel. "We can say all we want about the classroom but learning about other people in other countries is how we will advance."

Read the Farm Forum Article on the Canadian Youth Ag Summit Delegates here

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